Eritrean Renaissance Party ( Nahda) condemns Ethiopians abusing religious festivities to provoke Eritrean Sovereignity




Eritrean Renaissance Party ( Nahda)
condemns Ethiopians abusing religious festivities to provoke Eritrean Sovereignity

It is very disturbing to watch Ethiopians in their thousands publicly carrying the old Ethiopian map which includes Eritrea as an inegral part of Ethiopia. Ethiopian chauvinists disguised as believers are misusing Epiphany processions as a political platform to mobilise and rally revisionists to provoke Eritreans.This is a clear demonstration of hostility and an attempt to undermine efforts to have good relations between our two peoples and achieve an everlasting peace.Ethiopian map which includes Eritrea is not a religious symbol and seeks nothing in religious ceremonial rituals. It must be noted that Eritrea is a member of the African Union, the United Nations and many other international Conventions. Eritrea is a sovereign country with clear borders and proud people committed to their destiny as Eritrean Nationals. After heroically fought for their independence Eritreans have in a civilized way almost unanimously reaffirmed their sovereignity by election in an internationally observed, respected and accepted referendum. Ethiopians need to respect our wishes and choices. After the massacres and genocides of Agordat, Emba Dorho, Onna, Misiam and Shiib and many many others Eritreans are not willing any more to be involved in an endless war. We have decided to lay the past to rest and are ready to open a new chapter of cooperation. Ethiopia ought to stop the agents provokateur of war. Ethiopians should rather seek for a modus vivandi in a region where we all in a reciprocal political game can live in harmony and prosperity.

We ask the Ethiopian government to clarify its position on Eritrea and send to the Ethiopian people a clear message of peaceful coexistence between the two sovereign countries.

We ask the Eritrean Government to send a Note of Protest in defence of the Eritrean sovereignity and against the war mongerers.

We politely ask the church to distance itself from these provokateurs of war who are using its holy rituals to challenge the indepenence of a neighbouring country.

We ask the Eritrean people to remain alert and sensitive and to nip in the bud any attempt that challenges our independence and sovereignity.

Eternal memory to our heroes.

Eritrea will prevail.


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